11 Countries That Disapprove Of Americans The Most

8) Russia

This country may be known for its lack of transparency; however, it could be what entices tourists in the first place. Mysteriousness aside, Russia is also known for its funky and other-worldly architecture and intriguing culture. Must-see attractions in Russia include Moscow’s Red Square which houses the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Russian President’s official residence, The Kremlin. St. Petersburg is for those into culture and the arts. Visit the Winter Palace, a centuries old royal residence, or take in a world-class ballet or opera at Mariinsky Theater. Russia possesses a vastly different language, culture, and history when compared to the U.S. It’s no wonder Americans are fascinated by it. On the flip-side, the majority of the population still views the U.S. unfavorably. Russia has recently captured headlines for the 2017 U.S. election scandal, and the rift between the two countries seems to continue to grow.