11 Countries That Disapprove Of Americans The Most

To many Americans, the United States is one of the best (if not the best) country in the world. It may be hard to imagine the number of countries with animosity towards America, but unfortunately, there are plenty. Americans love to travel, and in those travels it’s possible to encounter folks who don’t hold high opinions of the U.S. Before setting off for an overseas trip, read this article to discover why America may not always be viewed in the most positive light. Here are the top 13 countries that dislike America, its policies, politics and/or its citizens the most. 

1) Turkey

There are many reasons why Americans may want to visit Turkey. This country tempts foreigners with ancient mosques, Ottoman palaces, gorgeous southern beaches, and a Mediterranean-style hospitality. Istanbul is a lively metropolitan, owning an important piece of Turkey’s history. Cities along the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea offer inexpensive seaside vacation destinations. The middle of the country houses Ankara, the Turkish capital, and mind-blowing places like Cappadocia where visitors can explore underground cities, cliffside caves, and churches. Turkey has always been one of the U.S.’s biggest allies, but recently the American disapproval ratings have sky-rocketed. In general, Turks don’t agree with U.S politics with 65% disagreeing with America’s democratic ideology. In fact, over half the Turkish population reported a very negative American outlook. Perhaps this has to do with disagreement on alliances in the middle east or the U.S. housing a wanted Turkish political figure.