11 Countries That Disapprove Of Americans The Most

10) France

This EU-member country oozes sophistication that Americans love. France is known for its food, wine, and sophisticated culture. Of course, the iconic Eiffel Tower and Norte-Dame Cathedral don’t hurt either. Other than munching baguettes, nibbling cheese and sipping wine, what else can France offer? Plenty. Art lovers swoon over the Louvre, arguably the most highly-regarded art museum in the world. Stroll through perfectly manicured gardens like Grand Parc de Miribel Jonage or the Jardin de Luxemburg. Foodies should head to Lyon and sample the expertly prepared local cuisine and fusion creations. Don’t leave Lyon without visiting the Fourviere, the UNESCO site with sweeping city views and ancient churches, baths, and aqueducts. France is another example of a European country that doesn’t have a lot of love for America. The past and current day political scene does not settle well with the French, resulting in a 52% disapproval rating.