11 Countries That Disapprove Of Americans The Most

4) Germany

As one of the most influential EU countries, Germany is a very desirable country for Americans to visit. Berlin is the creative and cultural capital. Visit in summer and you’ll find there’s plenty of events, festivals, and outdoor entertainment to enjoy. Visit in winter and check out the original Christmas Market for a heavy dose of holiday spirit. There’s also ancient castles to marvel, a seaside to lounge on, and dozens of odd museums and strange attractions to captivate tourists. Unfortunately, Germany shows up in the top five countries with the highest disapproval ratings for the U.S. Germany’s approval ratings of the U.S. tanked even lower after Trump (and his anti-European Union views) was elected. However, Germans’ animosity towards America isn’t new; there have been a clash of views on many issues in the past century from trade, to immigration, to climate change.