11 Countries That Disapprove Of Americans The Most

6) Netherlands

The land of tulip fields, bicycles, and canals – these are just a few reasons why foreigners flock to Holland. Not only is it truly picture-perfect in Spring when the famous flower fields are in bloom, it’s one of the happiest and most laid-back countries in Europe. The nightlife is world-renowned and so is the innovative architecture. Check out De Efteling, the oldest amusement park in the world and one of Holland’s most popular attractions. The city of Amsterdam is a must; the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam proudly boasts over 8,000 exhibits celebrating Dutch culture and the waterway canals of the city are beyond charming. The Netherlands has really got it going on. Sadly, this country seems to believe many stereotypes about the U.S., i.e., Americans are fat, loud, and generally obnoxious. True or not, the image of American people in the Netherlands has been tarnished.