11 Countries That Disapprove Of Americans The Most

11) Greece

This country, despite its economic woes, is one of Europe’s most gorgeous. History buffs won’t be able to get enough of places like the Acropolis of Athens, the Cycladic Art Museum, the ancient town of Mystras, and of course, the iconic Parthenon. For a once in a lifetime experience, why not take in live show at the Delphi Theatre, an ancient venue that’s been hosting entertainment since the 4th century B.C. No trip to Greece is complete without a tour of a few of its stunning islands. There’s a lot of positive aspects about Greece, but a friendly relationship with America isn’t one of them. Greece’s troubled economy may be to blame for their cold feelings toward a more prosperous United States. Perhaps it’s America’s first-world capitalism which gives the Greeks a bad taste in their mouths. Greece also voices a lowly opinion of America’s foreign policies and President.