11 Cool Trips You Can Take on A Budget 

Yes, it’s true – it costs money to travel. Flights, hotels, and food all adds up. However, if you’re not one of the lucky ones with access to a disposable income, don’t panic. There are many options for cool trips that you can take on a budget. The key is to pick places where your money is superior to the local currency. This will enable you to afford a vacation within your budget while still living large and not skimping on any of the activities you want to do. Check out the best places to go when you want to get away in style without breaking your piggy bank.

1) Vietnam

The most expensive part of your Vietnam vacation will undoubtedly be the plane ticket. However, once you touch down you’ll realize how incredibly cheap it is to travel this country. It’s entirely possible to travel like royalty in this country – even when you’re on a budget.  Street food is ridiculously tasty and cheap; traditional meals are $4 or less. Vietnamese coffee is $1 and you’re guaranteed not to find a cup of Joe better than this one. If you’re into posting up on a corner and drinking keg beer with the locals, a plastic draft is $0.25. Vietnam also offers decent accommodations for excellent prices. Three-star hotels start at $30/night and classy, comfortable four-star hotels start at $40/night. Vietnam has a fascinating, if not convoluted history. The country presents tourists with many opportunities to learn all about it. The free walking tour through Hanoi’s Old Quarter is just the beginning!