11 Things You Should Never Do When Traveling to Mexico

6) Don’t Lose Your Patience

Remembering you are in a foreign country that operates differently than the U.S. is key to having a relaxing holiday. It would be a mistake to assume that you will receive the same level of service in Mexico that you’re accustomed to the in the U.S. Meaning what, exactly? Expect things to take longer. For example, when you’re eating out at a restaurant, don’t expect food to arrive promptly or all at the same time. Transportation schedules can change without warning. Don’t get bent out of shape if your bus is late, or the pick-up time or location changes. Instead of getting frustrated and stressed, take it easy, relax, and know that you’ll get there when you get there. Isn’t it more about the journey than the destination anyway? Try to keep this in mind when traveling through Mexico.