11 Most Unusual Tourist Attractions in the US

By Ann Sullivan

If you’re a curious adventurer, there are unusal attractions in the United States that may not be known to you. You may not have heard of these places, but you might be interested to seek them out next time you’re on the road. You’ll find among them some quirky, bizarre, and fascinating attractions. Some are historically significant as well. All of them, however, do have a story to tell with remarkable sights to see. For a unique road trip experience, check out these 11 most unusual tourist attractions in the US.

1) The Paper House – Rockport Massachusetts

Located just north of Boston, in the seaside town of Rockport, you’ll find the Paper House. Touted as one of the most unusual places you’ll ever see, everything is adorned in paper. It started out as a project just for fun in 1922 when Elis F. Steinman, a mechanical engineer, set out to build a summer home. The paper was initially intended to be insulation and the concept grew. One of the most fascinating and curious pieces is the paper piano, which is a real piano resurfaced with paper. There’s also a grandfather clock with newspapers from all 48 states down the front. In 1930 there were no states of Alaska and Hawaii yet. The intricately detailed desk and chair are among of the other amazing pieces designed by Mr. Steinman. Maintenance is a constant task, as the paper requires re-varnishing to preserve it.