11 Things You Should Never Do When Traveling to Mexico

It’s easy to see why Mexico is a popular vacation destination for Americans. It’s close, so travel there is usually quick and cheap. The American dollar goes further than it does at home, making it an ideal place to indulge and treat yourself, friends, or family. In addition, Mexico is more tropical than most of the U.S. It attracts people from every corner of the States with its azure waters, white-sand beaches, and exotic vibes. Even though Mexico is our neighbor, it’s still a foreign country. Different rules apply. If you decide to vacation in Mexico, there are a few important things to keep in mind to avoid a potentially awkward or dangerous situation. Here are our top eleven tips.

1) Don’t Expect All Locals to Speak English

Even though Mexico borders the U.S., don’t expect everyone to speak English. You’re in another country, after all, and the native language is Spanish. Brushing up on some key words and phrases before you go could be immensely helpful in certain situations. Many of those working in the front end of the service industry (think hotel receptionists, waiters, guides) are bilingual and speak English very well. However, once you venture outside the resort or leave the bigger, more touristy cities, you’ll likely meet many people who only speak Spanish. Knowing how to say a few basic things can get you out of a jam, or at least make the journey a little more pleasant. It shows a nice effort on your part if you can say please, thank you, or make polite requests in Spanish. Plus, locals will love that you’re trying to speak their language!