11 Countries with The World’s Most Beautiful Women

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By Ann Sullivan

Beautiful women can be found virtually anywhere in the world. There’s really no accurate standard of measure when qualifying what is beauty and what is not. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes. There are, however, some countries where certain types of beauty are recognized because of a particular celebrity or event calling attention to the women there. Varying cultures make for an interesting mix of different kinds of beauty. Here are 11 of the countries found, by popular polls, to have the most beautiful women in the world.

1) Venezuela

Having won more beauty pageants than any other country, the women of Venezuela are among the world’s most beautiful. Twenty-two titles have been taken home by the beauties of this South-American country. These include Miss Universe twice, Miss World and Miss Earth, to name a few. These gorgeous women are lovely, graceful, and charming. All qualities you’d find in a pageant winner. But it doesn’t stop there. Many are intelligent and educated with an unmatchable determination for success. They’re considered the complete package of sexy looks and smarts. Personalities are also a factor, as they are pleasant and sophisticated as well. Some very well noted super-models and actresses come from Venezuela. Maria Gabriela Isler is one such beauty. After winning Miss Universe in 2013, she went on to become a world-famous super-model and television host.

Venezuela is one of the most urbanized Latin American countries. The main population resides in Caracas, which is the largest city. It’s also a year-round travel destination, since the climate is warm and tropical all year long. The cost of living is very cheap in comparison to the United States. You can grab a cool pint of domestic beer for around 74 cents to have with your meal, which will run you as little as $3. A high-end three course meal for two will run you around $30 total. If you want to see a movie in the theater, be prepared to pay a mere $1.50 per seat! Overall, the cost of living in Venezuela is 56.04% lower than the U.S., and real estate rentals are 80.28% lower.