11 Steps to the Perfect Staycation

eating out

9) Eat Out Someplace New or Special

Eating out is absolutely key when you’re on staycation. If you eat at home — or just go to the usual cafes and fast food places — you’re not going to feel like it’s a vacation at all. Just as you plan your activities, plan where you intend to eat for lunch and dinner.
Eating at home is okay, but try to maintain the vacation vibe by eating together at the table. Treat yourself to things you wouldn’t ordinarily have and, most importantly, take your time.

Do your research and find restaurants in the area that serve a type of food you’ve never tried before — like the new Vietnamese café in the next town or the oyster bar down by the beach. Take the opportunity to travel to eat, too. You wouldn’t ordinarily drive an hour and a half just to go get dinner, but when you’re on staycation you can plan your whole evening around a good meal.