11 Steps to the Perfect Staycation

no housework

2) No Housework

If you’re a homemaker and your work takes place in the home, a staycation can be even harder to take. All of the regular household chores still need to be taken care of and there’s no housekeeping service to make the beds, bring fresh towels and restock the mini bar. Is it even possible for a homemaker to relax on a staycation? Yes, with a bit of discipline it is absolutely possible for a homemaker to relax on a ‘staycation.’ Our advice is to keep the household chores to an absolute minimum. Absolutely no cleaning is allowed (your house isn’t going to fall down if you neglect to clean it for a week) and minimize time spent shopping and cooking. Buy a large amount of staple items before your ‘staycation’ starts and eat out as much as possible, so you have few cooking and washing up duties. Also, do not do any laundry. Try to picture it like this — if you were away the chores would be piling up anyway.