11 Steps to the Perfect Staycation


6) Go to the Beach or Pool

Just because you’re having a staycation this year that doesn’t mean you can’t do some of the things you would normally do on a vacation. If you live within driving distance of a beach or a lake, that’s perfect. Load up the car and take the whole crew for a day out at the water’s edge. Even when you’re not in a tropical climate, there are plenty of fun activities you can do like fishing, taking a boat trip, water sports, swimming, or just exploring a beachfront or lakeside community.

If you’re miles from the beach or a lake, then find the nearest public pool. Public pools can be a great place to spend a day, particularly if they’re outdoors. Take you book and your sunscreen and enjoy the day exactly as though you were on the beach in the Caribbean. If your town doesn’t have a public pool, check out the nearest big hotel where you can often pay to use the pool, gym and spa facilities for the day.