11 Smart Ways to Save Money on Travel

exchange rateFew of us can afford to travel as much as we’d like, but by following a few easy steps, you might just be able to make your vacation or backpacking budget stretch that much further. With careful planning before your trip, greater flexibility on where you want to go, and a more adventurous approach to eating and transportation when you get there — it’s a guarantee you can save money on travel. Read on for 11 smart ways to save money on travel.

1) Check the Exchange Rate

When the dollar is strong, the opportunity for cheap travel internationally is great. Everything from the hotels to the restaurants to the shopping will cost substantially less when the exchange rate is good.  Let’s look at an example of how much exchange rates can change even between two first world countries sharing a border.  Within a few years time, the Canadian dollar went from being worth more than the US dollar to less than $0.70.  Americans who timed their trip right got more than a 30% bump in spending power when travelling to Canada.