11 Steps to the Perfect Staycation

do something

10) Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Your staycation is a great chance to try out things you’ve never done before. You’d be surprised at all the fun and interesting things people do while you’re slaving away in the office or looking after your home.

As well as active, sporty endeavors — there are opportunities to partake in a variety of arts and crafts. Local museums, galleries, community centers often have a schedule of informal classes. Your staycation is a great time to try out portrait drawing, embroidery, or carpentry for the first time. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take up photography, or watercolors, or even fashion design – now’s your chance! You might try something as simple as duckpin bowling, or spinning roulette at the casino, but the perfect staycation must feature at least one thing you’ve never done before. For a staycation that’s even more memorable than your last vacation, try something wild like a skydive, deep sea diving, or rock climbing.