11 Steps to the Perfect Staycation


5) Go to Museums and Galleries

Many museums, art galleries and other cultural attractions are only open during business hours, limiting those who work full-time to a weekend visit. Use your staycation as an opportunity to really get in touch with the culture of your local area. Spend an afternoon in the city art gallery or museum, see a show at the theatre, or check out the local indie cinema. Do your research and find hidden gems you had no idea existed in your town — such as the little photo gallery located on a residential side street or that weird cat café that just popped up in Chinatown.

Staycations are your time to do all of the things you feel you’ve never had time to do. For one week — imagine you are free to spend your time exactly as you wish. So, iif you want to spend an hour or two looking at beautiful paintings, or learning about the history of the first building in your area, then that’s time well spent.