10 Most Dangerous Places in America


8) Santa Ana for its Drought

You might think that deserts are the only places that suffer extreme drought, but you would be wrong. If you look at some of the most populated, metropolitan places in the United States, you will find they’re among the driest. Top of the list is southern California, which contains four of the top 10, most drought-stricken areas in the United States. Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas of Long Beach and Santa Ana, come top of the list, at least as measured by the Sperling Drought Index. Anything over 100 is considered dry, and over 120 is regarded as extreme drought; Los Angeles receives a rating of 127.3. Given the huge population, you can see why this poses a highly dangerous situation. The extensive drought over the last decade has resulted in southern California suffering from even more fires, while having less water with which to stave off the devastating effects.