10 Most Dangerous Places in America


3) Barrow Alaska for its Cold

Everyone has a different idea about what is too cold. But, there’s one place in America that everyone seems to agree is the absolute coldest, and that place is Barrow, next to the Arctic Ocean on the northern shores of Alaska. There aren’t very many people who live in Barrow, under 5,000 from the last census; but, those who do reside there have to be made of very hearty stuff. The average temperature is 11.7F (-11.27C), unusual even for Alaskan standards. Subzero temperatures start in November and continue to the very end of April; and, the temperature fails to reach zero for about 160 days a year. Barrow also goes through “polar winter”, so there’s no sunshine for about 2 consecutive months. Other places in America may have temperatures lower than Barrow’s record low of -56F (roughly -49C), but none offer more dangers from the cold than this small town in Alaska.