10 Most Dangerous Places in America

heatMost people probably want to avoid living anywhere that might be dangerous. When you think about it, though, peril can take many forms. There is danger from the natural environment, and there are the hazards that come from people. Some places in America are more of a risk to wellbeing than other places. Here’s a list of 10 places in America that are regarded as the most dangerous either because of natural disasters, or because of the threats and risks created by humans. Either way, you’ll want to be mindful if you visit any of these locations.

1) Death Valley for its Unbearable Heat

There are some very warm places in America, but none are hotter than Death Valley. It is located in eastern California near the Nevada border, and it has the lowest elevation anywhere on the North American continent, with Badwater Basin being 282ft (86m) below sea level. Part of the Mojave Desert, Death Valley commonly experiences temperatures in excess of 120F (about 49C) during its summer months. But even these heat waves pale in comparison to its highest recorded temperature, a whopping 134F (56.7C) on July 10, 1913. The landscape is ravaged, and at times resembles something that looks more akin to an alien world. It is interesting to know Death Valley is not ranked as one of the warmest places in America, if you consider its average, yearly temperatures. But, for extreme heat, you cannot go anywhere in America, or the world for that matter, that is more dangerous.