10 Most Dangerous Places in America

violent neighborhoods

6) Baltimore Maryland for its Violent Neighborhoods

Crime is a big problem in America; and, in an effort to curb growing rates, the federal government provides information about which neighborhoods are less safe than others. According to the Federal government, a neighborhood is defined as a census tract. The average number of people in a census tract is about 4,000 people, although this number can vary widely, from 1,500 in small towns to 8,000 in more heavily populated cities. Predicted rates for neighborhood violent crimes—homicide, rape, armed robberies, aggravated assaults—are based on data collected annually from local law enforcement by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). On the basis of reports from the 17,000 police and sheriff departments in America, there is nowhere more violent than W Mulberry St and N Fremont Ave in Baltimore, Maryland. There, it is estimated that your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime is about 1 out of 11, or about 9%.