9 Secret Locations in Virginia

colonial williamsburgVirginia is one of the original founding states of the federal union of the United States of America.
So, it’s not surprising there are a lot of places in Virginia that are classified as historical landmarks. Some of the most famous include Mount Vernon and Monticello, homes to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, respectively.

There are a lot of other great and interesting places in Virginia that might not be as world renowned, but are still well worth the visit, however. Here’s a list of 9 of these ‘secret locations’ you should try. Many of them are free, which means you can take yourself, family and friends to some great locations and not have to pay any exorbitant tourist fees.

1) Colonial Williamsburg

During the rise of the fledging federation, Virginia was the most politically and culturally influential colony in the New World. Williamsburg was the capital, the ‘jewel in the crown’. Once the Union formed, the political seat of power was moved to Richmond, and Williamsburg was largely forgotten, however. Now, with the help of some great restoration efforts, colonial Williamsburg offers you a great opportunity to see what life was like in the early 18th century. At the Revolutionary City, you can interact with townspeople, artisans, shopkeepers from days of old, or enjoy other people as they enact battles and skirmishes. If you want, you, too, can join in and take part in live-action role-playing: you can be one of the angry crowd of citizens attacking the Governor’s Palace. There are also museums, restaurants, educational tours and the historical College of William and Mary to visit, if fighting a revolutionary war is not to your liking.