10 Most Dangerous Places in America


4) California and Washington State for Earthquakes

It’s not a question of if the next big one will happen, but when.  If you’ve ever been in an earthquake, you know how helpless you feel as the ground beneath you starts to shake, and the buildings around you sway and creek. Earthquakes are the result of the natural shift in the earth’s mantle, or crust. Once this movement occurs, a massive amount of energy is released, in the form of shock waves. The point at which the tremor, or shift, occurs is known as the epicenter, from which the waves move. Two of the most likely places for you to experience earthquakes are California and Washington. California is dangerous because of the two, large tectonic plates that run parallel along the length of the state; the line at which these two plates come together is known as the San Andreas Fault. Washington, too, is another one of the most likely places to have an earthquake because of the number of interrelated fault lines that transect the Puget Sound.