9 Hidden Locations in Washington State

beach at marine view park

Washington State has a lot of great attractions, but overcrowding is always an annoying problem. If you ever feel like you want to get away from the crowds but still do something awesome, try traveling off the mainstream path. There’s much to do here if you think outside the usual box. Chances are you’ll find some amazing things to do, away from the usual crowds. There are some quirky, interesting, historic and beautiful sites to see in this great state. Many are off the beaten path where you’ll enjoy the moments without the overload of other people.

1) Beach at Marine View Park

It’s one of Washington State’s best kept secrets – this relatively standard park near Normandy city borders on a beautiful, natural beach for those who are adventurous enough to find it. Walk the loop trail through the leafy trees, but turn off down a separate path about halfway through the loop. At the edge of the park, there are two sets of wooden stairs, and at the bottom of those stairs lies a sandy, calm shoreline which is about as serene as you can get. It’s relatively easy to access on foot, but the walk (as relaxing as it is), keeps away the crowds. You’ll feel like you’ve stumbled across your own, private beach once you get down to it. The staircase has viewing platforms with stunning views across Des Moines and to Mount Rainier.