10 Most Dangerous Places in America


7) Huntsville, Alabama for its Tornados

Twisters, or cyclones, are other names for the weather phenomenon known as tornados, and the damage they can inflict is legendary. Tornados are most commonly seen as the iconic twisting funnel of air, and can occur in many places in America. While some places may have more tornados, Alabama is the worst state for total tornado damage, which takes into account the width or spread of the damage caused by the twister. Huntsville—in northern Alabama—tops the national list. In 2011, at least 9 people were killed in a string of tornados that were the worst the state had witnessed in its history. You may think that tornados are more likely to occur in the Plains areas of America but, according to weather experts, those states on the Gulf Coast, east of the Mississippi River, are much more vulnerable to the hugely destructive effects of tornados than had been previously thought.