10 Most Dangerous Places in America


5) Hawaii’s “Big Island” for its Volcanoes

Here is one of the most powerful, most dangerous events that occur naturally on the planet. Volcanos are essentially the result of cracks in the earth’s mantle, through which hot lava from the molten core gets pushed. Volcanic eruptions can be devastating: in addition to causing earthquakes, the pyroclastic flow—made of hot ash and rocks—destroys everything and everyone in its wake, as was the case with the city of Pompeii. Anywhere there is an active volcano is considered to be dangerous, and the most dangerous place in America for volcanoes is the island of Hawaii. The “Big Island” is home to one of the youngest, and most active volcanos, Kilauea. This volcano holds the record as the longest erupting volcano in the world, being continuously active since 1983. Its lava flows have covered over 100 sq km, have left hundreds of residents without homes, and dramatically changed the island’s shoreline.