10 Most Dangerous Places in America


10) New Orleands for its Floods

Just as drought can create problems, too much water can produce floods. There are many reasons why floods occur, and one of them is a hurricane. Known as tropical cyclones, hurricanes can produce strong winds and excessive amounts of rain, which, in turn, can overwhelm drainage systems and levees. Hurricanes most often start out as powerful storms which form over larger bodies of warm water. Coastal regions take the brunt of the devastation as the hurricane crosses over inland, where it becomes weaker and weaker. One of the worst examples in recent years is Hurricane Katrina in 2011. The vast damage inflicted on the city of New Orleans was a combination of several, related factors: excessive amounts of water, poor and antiquated drainage systems, and an elevation below sea level. For these reasons, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has rated Orleans Parish as the county most at risk for flooding in America.