8 Hidden Locations in Georgia

Crime and punishment

8) Crime and Punishment Museum

Located in downtown Ashburn, Georgia sits the old Turner County Jail, now home to the Crime and Punishment Museum. This museum served as an actual jail all the way through the presidency of Bill Clinton. It operated as a jail for 87 years. The jail resembles a large brick house and inside, it served as both a jail and home. The home is where the sheriff and his family resided, while the criminals were locked away upstairs. However, history proves that this idea would not stand the test of time. The prisoners caused such a raucous in the jail that the sheriff eventually locked up the building, boarded it up and just left the prisoners there in their own filth. When the state police arrived, approximately a week later, they closed the jail. There is definitely more to this story but if you want to learn what it is, you’ll have to pay them a visit at the Crime and Punishment Museum in Ashburn.