8 Hidden Locations in Georgia

Tallulah-gorgeBIf you are planning a trip to Georgia, why not make it a bit more interesting by visiting some of these little-known attractions? If you drive to Georgia, you’ll be able to stop off at the unusual sights we’ve discovered. Traveling somewhat off-the-beaten path is a way to discover some places that most tourists are unaware of. These sights aren’t necessarily listed in tour guide books and sites Most importantly, most of these places won’t cost you a dime. What do you have to lose by making a few extra stops when headed to Georgia, or if you already reside in the area?

1) Tallulah Falls

Once considered the Niagara Falls of the south, Tallulah Falls used to be a resort town where people would come from far and wide to see these amazing waterfalls. The falls are made up of six falls descending through Tallulah Gorge. They are in the Tallulah Gorge State Park, which also offers beautiful hiking trails, a suspension bridge and biking trails. There are plenty of outdoor activities to engage in at Tallulah Falls and surrounding areas including swimming, fishing and boating. Pack a backpack and spend the day exploring the falls and lakes of Tallulah Falls. You can even stay overnight as there are a few camping options available. If you prefer, you can always rent an RV and head to the falls.