11 Most Iconic Sports Stadiums You Must Visit

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Sports stadiums have come a very long way in the past century. They have gone from dust and mud fields with games totally dependent on the weather, to the technological marvels we have today complete with artificial turf and retractable roofs. Worldwide, over 60 new major sports stadiums are set to open between now and 2020. These new sports and entertainment venues are employing the very latest technologies such as 802.11ax Wi-Fi. which specifically addresses “high density” Wi-Fi deployments, such as a stadium. New stadiums are also equipping seats with a place to charge your mobile devices, ensuring you don’t miss a thing on the field or elsewhere. So get ready to tailgate at some of America’s most iconic stadiums.

1) AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

Completed in 2009, this marvel of engineering is home to the Dallas Cowboys and hosts the Cotton Bowl. The stadium seats 80,000 and is the fifth largest stadium in the NFL. Maximum capacity with standing room for events like concerts can top 100,000. Its massive retractable roof is a modern engineering marvel and one of the largest in the world. The stadium is designed for the modern world, including giant LED screens (largest in the world at the time they were built) as well as private viewing suites, plenty of concession and merchandise stands and of course restrooms designed to handle volume. This state-of-the-art stadium is also a great venue to see your favorite music artists perform and has hosted many of today’s biggest stars.