8 Hidden Locations in Georgia

Lane southern orchards

6) Lane Southern Orchards

Situated in Middle Georgia, Lane Southern Orchards has grown pecans and peaches for over 100 years. Tourists to Middle Georgia in Fort Valley, are able to tour the facility where the peaches are brought in, cleaned and shipped out to various stores throughout the U.S. If you enjoy peaches, do yourself a favor and visit Lane Southern Orchards during the months of May through August when you will be able to participate in the facility tour. You will enjoy a trip to the orchards farmers market where produce made from the pecans and peaches are sold. Another fun thing to do at the orchards is to take a hayride around the farm or find your way out of the corn maze. If you stay for lunch, you can enjoy a lovely meal at the Peachtree Café where you can indulge in homemade peach cobbler and other peachy treats.