8 Hidden Locations in Georgia

Cumberland island

4) Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island is accessible via St. Mary’s, Georgia. When you arrive to St. Mary’s, you’ll be able to hop aboard a ferry that will take you to Cumberland Island. In fact, you can only access the island by way of a boat. A limited number of visitors are allowed to the island per day. Cumberland Island is a nature lover’s paradise. It is mostly undeveloped miles of pristine white sand beaches, forests and marshes. There are no watersports offered at the island. This is a place to go when you really just want to enjoy the natural beauty of the island or take a leisure walk through the island’s wilderness. Upon arriving, visitors will find Spanish moss draped trees, deer, rabbits, armadillos, raccoons and even horses. It is also home to a variety of fish, crabs and ducks. Cumberland Island was once the home of seven Native American villages. It was later sold to the Carnegie family in the late 1800’s. The island’s history is on display throughout the island and at the Cumberland Island Museum.