8 Hidden Locations in Georgia

3) Zunzi’s

Located in Savannah, Georgia, Zunzi is a unique dining experience. You are fortunate if a native tells you about it. Zunzi’s food is a blend of South African, Swiss, Italian and Dutch. An interesting mix of cuisine but it seems to work perfectly fine at Zunzi’s. No doubt, to pull off something this unique and delicious takes a really clever and ingenious chef. When you visit this small eatery, you should know that the two most famous sandwiches are the Conquistador and the Godfather. The Conquistador is made with chicken and sausage along with some interesting toppings. The other consists of baked chicken, lettuce and tomato and Zunzi’s famous sauce. The restaurant even offers something for those who do not eat meat, a veggie falafel and a pizza like sandwich. The recommendation when you visit Zunzi’s is their secret sauce. It’s all about the sauce!