9 Terrible Things That Can Happen to You on Public Wi-Fi!

9) Stalking

A horrifying thought indeed. If hackers can see what you’re doing online, your personal details are up for grabs. We’re talking about things you don’t give much thought to. Things like everyone you’ve checked out on social media, or the music you’re listening to. A cyberstalker can compile a detailed profile of their intended target by grabbing bits of information that you’ve left on various sites. Your town, or the name of your dog, where you work, the car you drive, or where you go to school can provide a cyberstalker everything they need to get to you. What time you leave school, is there anyone at home when you get there, or are you alone. It’s a frightening notion to be sure, but there are too many documented cases of this actually happening. So, always be aware of your surroundings, on the street and online.