9 Terrible Things That Can Happen to You on Public Wi-Fi!

8) Information Theft leading to Home Theft

Hackers and cyber criminals can target specific information on your device making it harder to detect. A naïve high school student with a nice lap top computer or smart phone may make an enticing target. Although they may not have much to steal monetarily, their parents just might, and that’s what these particular criminals are after. With access to your device they can target names, addresses, pass codes, schedules, and anything else they can find to discover who you are and where you live. Once they do, they’ll watch your house to find out when you aren’t home and the best way to get in. They could also target your home wi-fi to try and gain access to the home owner’s financial information. Take precautions on “free wi-fi.” Don’t access anything sensitive and encrypt anything sent or received.