9 Terrible Things That Can Happen to You on Public Wi-Fi!

2) Fake Wi-Fi access points

Widely known as Malicious Hotspots, these trick you into thinking you are connected to a valid network because the name looks sincere. For example, you are spending the afternoon at the Best Coffee Shop that has “free wi-fi”. However, you connect to best-coffeeshop instead and now you’re connected directly to the cyber thief’s laptop. Now, they have access to every bit of sensitive data on the device you are using. By using portable equipment that puts out a stronger wi-fi signal than the coffee shop, they know most people are going to click on their network without giving it much thought. So be careful what you access in public. Try to avoid using any apps that contain bank or credit information. Remember, these thieves don’t need to be in the building you’re in, they just need to send out a stronger wi-fi signal to trick you.