10 Best Vacation Spots in Texas

Have you ever realized how much there is to do in Texas? The Lone Star State has a stereotypical cowboy reputation,; however, there’s a lot more to this southwestern state than cattle ranching and rodeo shows (although you’ll easily find this in some parts)! From big cosmopolitans with world-class dining and shopping, to some of the country’s most important history – Texas is stacked with places to visit and things to do. It even boasts one of the nicest beaches (and spring break hot-spots) in the continental U.S.! Our conclusion? Everything really is bigger (and better) in Texas. Check out the 10 best vacation spots in Texas and start planning for your next holiday today!

1) South Padre Island

Visiting this island, just 25 miles north of Mexico, is like taking a trip across the southern border without leaving the U.S. South Padre island in the Gulf Coast is 34-miles long, but only a half a mile wide. With miles of pristine and protected coastline, it’s no surprise it’s a top-rated beach in Texas. Even in the winter, the coldest temperatures experienced are in the 60s and 70s. This makes South Padre Island a desirable destination at any time of the year. The rows of large resorts lining the beaches attract families due to the ease of accessing fun, sun, sand, and other family-friendly activities. South Padre island is not just for lounging on the beach, though plenty of time should be made for sunning and swimming. It’s also a prime spot for nature-lovers with lots of wildlife, nature tourism attractions, and great birding and fishing opportunities.