9 Terrible Things That Can Happen to You on Public Wi-Fi!

3) Malware

Malware, or Malicious Software, can be placed on your smart phone or laptop without you knowing. Hackers exploit software vulnerabilities by targeting specific data. By planting a virus, worm or trojan in your system they can harvest anything they want, without you knowing. Until, it’s too late that is. Malware can hide in your system and lay dormant, missed by virus scans until it finds what it’s looking for. Then anything could be up for grabs from your contacts and personal files to your credit and banking information. Malware can cause irreversible damage to what ever you’re using, making data irretrievable or worse, making your device unusable. Malware can be extremely difficult to remove once your system is infected, causing anything from pop-up’s to the blue screen of death.