9 Neighborhoods You Need To Avoid In California!

When you think of California, the first images that probably comes to mind are of sunny beaches, towering mountains, vast deserts, and the steep cliffs lining Highway One. You also probably think of sprawling, safe cities with stunning architecture. Because California has such a good reputation, many people consider traveling to or even moving to the Golden State. While most of California’s major cities are safe, there are some neighborhoods in these big cities that you’ll want to avoid. These neighborhoods all have ‘F’ ratings on AreaVibes, and they all have significantly higher crime rates than the rest of their cities. If you’re thinking of vacationing in or moving to California, here are nine neighborhoods that you’ll want to avoid.

1) Sun Valley, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is full of sights that visitors love, from the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the high-end shops in Beverly Hills. While a good portion of this star-studded city is safe for visitors and locals, there are some parts you’ll want to avoid. This includes Sun Valley. This neighborhood is located in northeastern LA, near North Hollywood. According to AreaVibes, this neighborhood has a 20% higher crime rate than the rest of Los Angeles. AreaVibes also gave the neighborhood a Livability score of 45, much lower than Los Angele’s total score of 61. There are 3,824 crimes per 100,000 people reported annually in Sun Valley, and 861 of those are violent crimes. For comparison, the average for Los Angeles in total is 3,193 crimes per 100,000 people, and only 719 of those are violent crimes. If you’re planning a vacation in Los Angeles, it’s best to avoid this neighborhood.