15 Unbelievable Places That Actually Exist!

6) Antelope Canyon, USA

On Navajo land, this jaw-droppingly gorgeous slot canyon lies on the northern Arizona – Utah border. What’s a slot canyon? A narrow canyon formed by the power of rushing water forcing its way through the sandstone rock. This creates a deep, but skinny canyon with a smooth, curvy shape. In Antelope Canyon there are two separate sections that claim bragging rights as the most notable: The Corkscrew and The Crack. The Crack is the most visited section due to there being no climbing involved to enter the high-rising canyon walls. Tourists can’t get enough of the heavenly beams of light that shoot down all the way to the canyon floors, creating spectacular photos. The Corkscrew gets its name from the more roughly shaped walls. It’s more difficult to access and requires some climbing, enticing fewer visitors. It’s equally amazing and perfect for those wanting to break free from the pack.