15 Unbelievable Places That Actually Exist!

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3) Bamboo Forest, Japan

On the edge of Kyoto, Japan, there’s a magical place known as Sagano Bamboo Forest. Drive 30-minutes outside the packed city center of Kyoto and experience the contrast of one of Japan’s natural wonders. Stepping into the forest, you can’t help but sense the strong feeling of life within the strong and sturdy bamboo shoots. Visitors can wander through the massive forest on a wooden pathway, shrouded in bamboo reaching dozens of feet high. The bamboo reaches so high, in fact, that it canopies at the top, creating a cool, shady sanctuary. Find a spot away from the tourists and you’ll hear the incredible sounds of the forest. Hearing the creaking, swaying, and swishing movements of the bamboo is almost a spiritual experience. Perhaps this explains the importance of bamboo in Japanese culture. Myths and legends credit these plants with giving men great strength.


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