15 Unbelievable Places That Actually Exist!


11) Red Beach, China

Panjin, China has the largest wetland and reed marsh in the world, but that’s not what makes this landscape so famous. It’s the crimson red Suaeda Salsa plants that carpet the shallow seas and tide-lands. These plants are kind of like a seaweed that flourish in high alkaline soil. Juvenile plants are a brighter shade of red, and the more mature plants show off a deep cherry-red. The growth cycle starts in April, but the vibrant colors don’t start to produce until fall (keep this in mind if you’re planning a visit). Need another reason to visit? How about the chance to spot 260 species of birds and 399 species of wild animals, including the endangered Crown Crane? Spotting one of these giant white birds against the vivid red backdrop is a photographer’s dream come true.


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Joseph Frevola

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