9 Worst Mistakes Causing You to Overpay On Travel

Michael Gordon /

Traveling can be expense, period. A trip that looks reasonably affordable at the start can end up costing well over the preliminary budget. How does this happen? It’s often the little things that add up, not the most obvious things (like a flight ticket, or a rental car). Most of the time you probably don’t even realize you’ve overpaid for something. By reading this article, you’ll know now, and hopefully avoid, the same mistakes in the future. Travel dates have a big impact on how much you pay for pretty much everything on your trip. Even the prep-steps you take before leaving can negatively affect your wallet. Read on to find out more of the 9 worst mistakes causing you to overpay on travel.

1) National Park Entrance Fees

While we don’t blame you for wanting to check out as many National Parks as possible. You will end up blaming yourself if you pony up the dough time after time for the entrance fees. There’s a simple and easy way around this; purchase the Interagency Annual Pass. The pass grants you access to over 2,000 National Parks and costs $80 USD for the year. The best part is the benefits are not just for the pass-holder – it covers the standard entrance fee for up to FOUR people. That’s you and your family or three of your friends getting into almost any park of your choosing for FREE. If you plan on visiting several National Parks in a 12-month period, this pass is a must-have. All your consistent travel companions can even chip in for the pass, saving everyone even more – as long as you visit altogether.