9 Places Where The Weather Is Almost Always Perfect


9) The Galápagos Islands

The famed Galápagos Islands present a unique tourist experience, and great weather to see it in. Even though the islands are close to the equator, the weather is surprisingly comfortable. In the warmer months of January through June, the temperature can be as high as 84, and the cooler months will reach down to 69. There is about 2.4 inches of rainfall per month. Nature is a little different on the islands, and you can see creatures you will not see anywhere else. You can find among the variety of lizards the famed Komodo dragon, as well as seals, penguins, and giant turtles. There’s also a wide variety of sea creatures to encounter if you like to scuba-dive. You can also see the active Sierra Negra Volcano on Isabela Island, or explore lava tubes on Santa Cruz. For those who want to see wildlife, these islands are a must-see place to go.