9 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation

vacation_gym_730x350Finding ways to keep fit on vacation takes some willpower. The key to avoid gaining weight is planning. Vacationers tend to think of vacation as a “free pass” when it comes to diet and exercise. But with all the fitness opportunities, why skip out on staying in shape? This is a time to enjoy what’s around you and make the most of it. There are smart ways to use your vacation to your advantage to avoid gaining weight (and maybe even lose some weight!). If you go on vacation with a set plan, you are more likely to stick to it and can reap the results when you get home and leave the extra pounds behind.

1. Find a Hotel with a Gym

When you’re searching for hotels, try to find one with a gym. Most hotels offer a free gym for hotel guests to use, and many are open 24/7. With a gym readily available in your hotel, you can exercise when you have time between vacation activities without worrying about the weather. Check out the gym before you book your hotel. Look at photos online, read some reviews, and call the hotel if necessary to ask about its equipment and hours. You can also ask if the gym provides towels for guests and what kind of entertainment, like music or television, is available in the gym to help you enjoy your workout. Some hotel gyms offer exercise classes during the week, so be sure to inquire about them during your stay if you are interested.