9 Places Where The Weather Is Almost Always Perfect

best_weather_hawaii730x350There are some places in the world where the weather is nearly always perfect. Traveling to those select spots where the beautiful sunshine can be seen almost every day can be an invigorating way to rejuvenate the senses and sooth the soul. If you are looking to get away to a great weather destination, consider these nine amazing places. Be aware, if you are accustomed to inclement weather and cold temperatures where you are from, it might be a real challenge to go back home after visiting one of these beautiful places. You just may want to extend your stay a while longer!

1) Hawaii

You probably expected this island paradise to be on the list, and it is a good place to start. With less than 20 inches of rain each year, you’re almost guaranteed to have a dry vacation and lots of sunshine. Just as important, it nearly always stays in the 80’s, which means even if you’re not going to the beach it’s not excessively hot. Hawaii has lots of things to do year round. For a change in weather, you might go to the top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island, where you can even find snow. Volcanoes are still active on Hawaii, and visitors can get excellent views and pictures of something rarely seen elsewhere in the United States. Plenty of beaches can also be found in this island paradise where you will often find a traditional luau, as well as many other exciting activities available for the whole family.