10 Most Beautiful Places in New York

belvedere castle

7) Belvedere Castle

Originally built as a Victorian folly, Belvedere Castle has come to live up to the meaning of its name—beautiful view. Sitting high atop Central Park’s Vista rock, this mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture is a must see attraction for anyone visiting Central Park. Recently renovated by the Central Park Conservatory, this landmark offers a grand backdrop for visitors. Several rooms make up the castle’s floor plan, which act as a visitor’s center to tourists. In addition, the top of the castle offers picturesque views of all of Central Park and parts of the New York City as well. Science lovers will be captivated by the Castle’s beauty with a purpose. Since 1919, Belvedere Castle has served as a weather data hub for New York City. Sesame Street fans will become overwhelmed with nostalgia upon gazing at the castle’s façade, as it is what filmmakers use to represent the home of the famous Count. Beauty comes in many forms, and Belvedere Castle’s mixture of science, nature, and childhood memories makes it one of New York’s top 11 beautiful places.