10 Most Beautiful Places in New York

botanical garden-

3) The New York Botanical Gardens

If you are looking to combine history and beauty, a trip the New York Botanical Gardens is where you should head. This National Historic landmark located in the Bronx should be a must see for nature lovers looking to find beauty in the great state of New York. The Botanical Gardens are 250-acres that are home to over one million pristinely tended to plants. The picturesque grounds are divided into 50 different scenic gardens and plant collections. But, the Botanical Gardens have more to offer visitors than the magnificence of the gardens. Visitors will also adore the waterfall, the wetlands, and one of New York’s old-growth forests. History lovers will see great attraction in the old growth forest, as it is the original forest that spawned New York before the arrival of any 17th century Europeans. If you want a great history lesson while surround by attractive sights, the New York Botanical Gardens is the place to go.