10 Most Beautiful Places in New York

eternal flame falls

2) Eternal Flame Falls

Fire mixed with water? This has to be a mistake. You really can’t argue with any opportunity that allows you to see Earth’s elements in action together—especially ones that don’t play well together. Eternal Flame Falls is located in Erie County, in Chestnut Ridge Park, in the town of Orchard Park, New York. The falls’ home is in a beautiful 1,213-acre park made up of sloping terrain and hardwood forests. While the hike to see the falls will lead you over sandy and loose terrain, the trek through the beautiful hemlock grove and hardwood forest is well worth the trip. Upon reaching the falls in their stately location, you will scratch your head with wonder when you see a bright flame peering out from behind the cascades. From a scientific standpoint, this flame can be explained as a natural gas pocket that elicits fire when lit. To beauty lovers, it is a phenomenon worth traveling to see.