9 Hidden Locations in New Jersey

batsto villageWith miles of coastline, numerous lakes, casinos and attractions, there are many fun things to do in New Jersey. Usually, though, these places are overcrowded with tourists and local visitors most of the time. There are some places, however, which are a little more off the beaten path and mainstream tourism radar for the most part. These locations may be away from the hustle and bustle of the usual crowds, but they include some fascinating and beautiful venues. These nine locations are not the usual stops you’d find in a guidebook. They are 9 hidden locations in New Jersey which you may find fascinating.

1) Batsto Village (Ghost Town)

In Wharton State Forest lies a town – which no one lives in. Once a thriving village supported by iron industries, Batsto is now a ghost town. That doesn’t stop the Batsto River and village scenery from being picturesque though. Over 40 houses and other buildings still stand in the town, and you can walk among the streets as the only people there. The town is arguably at its prettiest in winter, when the undisturbed flow falls over everything. Grab a map from the visitors’ center on the outskirts of the town and give yourself a self-guided tour of this eerie, deserted place. Far from the beaten path, you can also visit the museum for more information about why the town was built and then left to deteriorate. Strangely beautiful, walking through the streets of this abandoned town in New Jersey will leave you deep in contemplation.